H Club

by Gossi P. Herer

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First album of Gossi P. Herer. H Club is the evolution of Club des Hashishins from Charles Baudelaire. Smokers reunion, H Club elevate smoking to art and defend pot snobism.


released June 8, 2016

All tracks composed by G Ross
Pot Snob composed by the Trichome Syndicate
Mix and master, production by Loic Lacroix



all rights reserved


Gossi P. Herer Marseille, France

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Track Name: Bicycle ride (Intro)
Dring Dring
Track Name: Gossishopping
Wake up, I still get high
Cake up of the last night
switch on the northern light
Chunk of gouda I bite
I sip chocomel
melt the sour with the cheese
listen to the decimel
ready to ride on the fiets
niet wiet or hash
for bezoekers narcotics
I got the local discount
amnesia and barney's
leavin happy, leavin high
Gettin trippy, gettin fried
Fiets fabrik my bike
take me to the spot I like
Green place in the red light
Doei is a byebye
Bicycle ride
the best coffeshops ain't here
from the Joordan to the Pipj
to find cali genetics
avoid nieuwendijk
where tourists are wilkomin
explore amsterdam
for a true coffeeshopping

2 Times a Month
in Amsterdam
So many grams
Baked like a clam
Don't give a damn
Aries the ram
Forget the tram
Grand is the slam

Amsterdam Nederland
like FEBO de lekkerst
my pot open letter
In a grey area
it's gettin hot in here
is this liberia ?
Go to siberia
weed cafeteria
Where is Neville ?
Need a haze specialist
I m completely killed
by the weed
like cheech and chong
it's no big deal(er)
can I ask you a question
where is the centre ville ?
Like an AK
forty seven holes in my brain
Drinkin HK
smokin a big blunt of train
at the peniche
dinner, ten spliffs
finish my coffeshopping
Track Name: Ain't afraid of no pot
Bruce Banner, Purps or diesel
whatever, I ain't afraid of no pot

King of the kings
you can call me negus
got the best bootlegger and lawyer
Georgio Remus
smarty like a yakuza
ls 6 hundred Lexus
do you really think that I google
with a Nexus
My blunt is kushidelicious
2 tokes and get
Major opus
like the general grievous
got the best seed in the world
I m epicurious
In my own cabinet
Fill up my calumet
Light it with allumettes
drink HB anisette
collar, weed amulette
out of my chemisette
we drink balthazar
we don't do mignonette
forty percent for my rhum
twenty percent for my pot
ninety percent of my post
from my fathers balls
to my daughter compost
grevous Gossi P
I ain't afraid of no pot

Gossi P
Ain't afraid of no pot
G Ross
Ain't afraid of no pot

My weather makes money
Accumulate tons
I can swim with the sharks
i m a megalodon
count twenty euros
for a gram of recon
De Niro in Casino
St Emilion
If you wanna get rich
throw a coin in a fountain
Me, I grow some bush
in the mountain
Be the JR Ewing of the hemp
a real harassment
some strains could help me
Gosseeds Establishment
in my basement,
the lamps are HP Sodium
got a new flat
terasse, solarium
forgot about (the)tent
deploy the velarium
while i fill my lungs
with green petroleum
French, Bonjour
Wallis and Futuna
Hawaiian seed red hair
like Akuma
queen of the flower
Rose or Violette
Can we puff lilac ?
Track Name: Kush X
Motor diesel, odor strong
25 percent is the min
twenty two

Twenty two percent
are you kidding?
twenty five is the min
to enter in my building
Kush in a cone, we're in the zone
bring the nikon, potheads cups on
slow down, motor diesel, odor strong
Gossi P not Cheech and Chong
Gossi P
HPS for my pot
only bat guano for my crop
do you know the pothead king?
I ain't afraid of no pot
and I won't exchange my weed
for all the gold in fort Knox

We don't save up
the brass
we don't give a shit
 rollin the grass
smoking shwag
a thing from the past
listen to the beat
enjoy your glass

Best weed, best strain
Im not happy when it rains
garbage, tell me how
can you grow weed in the shade?
Hydraulics, genetics
two things that get you up
kush X, narcotics
pass me fire, light it up
except for the chem
no chemicals
every day same ritual
i put green in my cereals
kush (Phillies)
Purps (Swisha)
it's never enough
when i get blueberry
i want strawberry cough

We don't save up
the brass
we don't give a shit
 rollin the grass
smoking shwag
a thing from the past
listen to the beat
enjoy your glass
My caste
MG class
I get slow
by smoking fast
ways to get high
are so vast
don't smoke with Gossi P
Or you'll get blasted
Track Name: DP420
Favorite pot in my optimo
I Put Purps
From the starter till the dessert
I smoke Purps
Yield more money than
your crappy mine of chert
been a long time, I wear polo
No t shirt
Twenty years old strain
from north cali, you burps
One seed with 4 phenos
Unique as the Purps
Cannabible, three pages indoor
just for Purps
indication, purple
don't mean Purps

What's in the philly ?
Is that Purps ?
How can you smoke
If ain't no Purps

Da purps
Mystery seeds
what's in the philly ?
is dat Purps ?
I love to grow the one and only
Da Purps
How can you roll
how can you smoke
if ain't no Purps
I love to smoke the one and only
Da Purps

Da Purps,
Doesn't smell like teen spirit
like Cobain Kurt
My girl uses a grass skirt
when she's dancin twerk
I can’t say that genetic
keep me alert
all day with my pot
and my blunt, threesome flirt
not talkin lean
not talkin urkel
talkin Purps
heavy smokers
master growers
finish with cough
that's why all my potheads
drink the syrrup
till the last drop
till the last toke
it's always Purps

I m smokin Kush
I m smokin Diesel
Strawberry cough
I m smokin pounds
I m smokin tons
it's never enough
no smoking crap
no smoking schwag
only the great stuff
no purple haze
no purple shit
talkin about Purps
Track Name: Pot Snob
All roads lead to Roma
Few seeds lead to coma
Pot Snob love the Soma
techniques, seeds, aroma
Cultivar, Avant garde
Syndicate from Seille Mar
We use hydroponic
Since Naumachia of Cesar
Siberia ruderalis
ain't a weed for a tsar
only trichome syndicate members
can puff in my car
Sorry Jules Winfield, (tell me)
what you call a hashish bars ?
Bad Milo
that shit won't get my Kudos
Mad Grass, (from space)
eleven A Pollo
2 puffs, 2 drags
blood glucose gets low
2 tons in the garden
and the same intramuros
Chopper and watch
Crocodile on my polo
I m flyin, explorin
the globe like Marco Polo
Stromboli, Vesusio
I like the volcanoes
when you're farming a room
I farm the all Colosseo

I wanna be a Pot Snob
A pot Snob
If it's not good weed
No, I don't even smoke
I wanna be a Pot Snob
A Pot Snob
Kush X Diesel
and I don't even choke

Many trichomes on my hand
assembly call me Roi soleil
Wealthy, Spliff holder
and porte bouteille
Don't bother me
under no pretext
No games, no calls
no girls, no text
I need to be alone
this is the time of harvest
love that contrast between
the green and the red carpet
Daucus Gossipa
Maryjane, Cleopatra
I collect , I test
Egypt or Sumatra
I Cross them with the best
and you get a strain
to fight the pellagra
ain't afraid of no pot , No
like a fuckin Mantra
Sometimes, I finish to work
with a candelabra
I always said that Hay
is for stupid capra
Bacio le mani
like Franck Sinatra
Track Name: Hydrohazard (feat G Ross)
Every day, every night
Massive Hydrohazard
Every puff, every drag
Massive Hydrohazard

We ll end up like a joint
we gonna turn to ashes
burn the candle at both ends
everyday, birthday bash
I would pay fifty dollars
for a gram of hash
Money is useless when you're dead
so spend your cash

I keep my spliff like a BR
Lone wolf and No PR
Perso, I get retarded
to my haters, kind regards
it's Kush in the game
Avalanche in your head
Bottle of liquor,
call me St Bernard

I grow bushes in my placard
Dobbies always on guard
Kush and sippin ricard
what's the ultimate reward ?
Use the miracle grow and
Hypotonic Pfizer
bring the chemicals,
I want Hydroponic hazard
Track Name: Bad Milo
Bad Milo
No low, no mid only High Q dro
forget about that bad Milo

If I don't have blunt
actin like a wheeler dealer
No scrupules for cunts
Im super weed dealer
Dealer, exactly the same as
as weed healer
with that manitoba poison
call it cancer killer
Roll up
and down rollercoaster
the french greatest roll machine
Don't wanna meet the fockers
ben Gossi P ain t Ben stiller
but to destroy my brain cells
believe me, I m a killer.
It's four two O
say my biolo G clock
wherever I am
Marseille or Bangkok
outer limit of the known world
Come back in tsars Gold
no caterpillar from Rostock
911 Porshe en stock
Mikail kalashnikov
two bottles of vodk
best dancer of Kazachok
I m smokin a bloc
and when I leave your place
your casa Smoke

We are smoking bad grass
Bad Milo My ASS

Come in a party
with 10 G's of green
G O double S I P
under Gazoline
and the Purps G thirteen
we are smokin
wake up tomorow
with no souvenirs
Smoking shwag
is forbidden
Smoking straw
ain't an option
smoking crap
no recommend
Girls scout cookies
on demand

Trichomes control
Patrol, Pot Roll
heart and soul
Idolatry, apology, publicity
main goal
I like the summer sun
But i prefer crops in fall
tons of Kush, tons of diesel
totem bush
made my totem pole
Pounds after Pounds
it becomes kilo
Now I need to pass from a barn
to a silo
always first class, A grade,
Numero Uno
I don't do shit ass
Bad Milo
Track Name: H Club
It's not about fame
H Club
Girls or money
H Club
Heavy smokers
h Club
first characteristic
H Club
Whatever your colour
H Club
Your name, your origin
H Club
You need to recognize
H Club
Maryjane as your queen
H Club
to the H Club
Reflect on the hemp
in the H Club
No prohibition
on the H Club
Kush contribution
in the club
Actors, musicians, artists
H Club
Politics, doctor, botanist
H Club
Big spliff, cup of tea
in the H Club
A drug creative is the
Dawamesk eater
yeah, that's my confession
welcome to my place
Hotel de lauzun
Black and white tiles
on the floor
Gigantic made of
curved wood door
enter a room
that french call salon
curtains, chandelier
style napoleon
Marc de Gossipy
H Club Baron
Let's take a sit for the
H Club reunion

First rule of
H Club
Don't spread out
H Club
second rule of
H Club
don't spread out
H Club

On a hot stove
H Club samovar
Use White gloves
H Club cultivar
Put it in a sort of
H Club bolivar
Fuck the dove, kushXdies
Worldwide war
Under supervision
of Doctor Moreau
We test, we note
bio or hydro
we puff, we smoke
spliffs or volcano
we eat, we drink
spacecake and sirops
every month, welcome in
H Club, seance
Tuxedo, smoking
H Club elegance
retain the recipe
Complex, it's all
in the ingredients
Cinnamon, cloves,
orange juice
Sugar, butter
Get a spoon full
of that green jam
don't give a damn
about Amsterdam
Thirty grams of hash
some put it in the coffee
put it in the tea
some put it on a tartine
whatever the glass
to get high on the green
whatever the grass
we are top pot fiends
Hassan i Sabbah
call us the Hashachins
from morocco Rabat
he's bringin the Kief
Saturday Sabbat
H club gathering
potheads of the world
just wanna be here
Track Name: Clarence Boddicker
I don't need
a gardener
my greenhouse
full of flowers
Savor, Color
and flavour
the Versailles
for smokers
Im looking for
the meilleur
seeder, breeder
kush master (grower)
T boots fit to
gentleman farmer
First toke, first step
on the ladder
of Highness
steven hager
Come from space
Alien Giger
in my veins
Meister jaeger
Bruce Banner
Green like Hulk
in a manner
no vigor, rigor
I fell asleep
for the dinner
Gettin high
hour after hour
Wanna go far
use diesel sour
Miracle Grow
my crops get bigger
I don't have a gun
but a bong with a trigger
Bitches leave
Clarence Boddicker
never miss a game
of the Detroit Tigers
solid snake
ain't a snake charmer
prefer Murdoc
to dat sissy Mcgyver

don't get a
waste my life
Killer, killer
Gangsta, gangsta
O sin
Cheater, cheater
Fuck Fifa, no goal
no spliff keeper
Food traveler
Marrakech butter
3 stars chef
not even a cooker
Mount foraker
Shanghai tower
Climbin high
ride in Lillehammer
I m a ceremony
no puppet master
pot and liquor
Sinner cos I m a smoker
and a sipper
I don't give a fuck about
Christmas and Kippour
Like 2 Chainz
got luv for the strippers
Harlem shake
at Petit beurre
Butler call me
Mon Sieur
Ambassador and
no bitter
French sometimes
amnesia, barney
nightmare on dam straat
Freddy Kusher
where's your partner
Clarence Boddicker
Track Name: Purple Zone
Eyes in the socks
Purple in my pocks
Green Box
Grey is the smoke (puff)
makes all my smokers burps
and Purple Drank
Makes all my sippers bang
finish my day
with a KO
From now till tomorrow
Kush is the credo
Chinese or Laos
we need no yeyo
fill that blunt
with dat Purps
If you ain't a
Pussy Hoe
Bring me something special
bring me something trippy
I love my weed super gooey
heavy duty fruity
Don't fuck around
Gossi P¨ ain't no hippie
Love the flowers
only if they are sticky
Black and Blueberry
Orange from Cali
Green, white
I love you Mary (jane)
you know my lyrics
you know how much I love that pot
Smokers, Potheads
Pass around , Puff

Purps in my cone
all my potheads know the aroma
we're in the zone
blaze up the blunts
now, it's time to party hardy
in a row, we're in the zone

All I drink is purple
All I smoke is green
you won't find coke
in the pocks of my jean
C O D 
Prometh, sprite
in a double cup
Blunt, Sharkbreath
light, sip,
get fucked up
2 onces a week
got no rage
so peaceful in a zoo
like a lion in a cage
from the birth to the grave
I will smoke sage
from healthy to the cancer
I will write my page
No bling,bling
Collar green
Hail to the
pothead king
smokin my training
enter the scene
Super size baggy jeans
two onces of diesel in it
super red eyes are bleeding
now i need gazoline hit
Gossi P
ain't afraid of no pot
say it loud, in my purple zone
i ain't afraid of no cops
too much Purps
chronically, comin in
comin out my box
pothead king got the crown
I ain't afraid of no pot , No
Track Name: Game of cones
Wait for your turn
Game Of cones
Smoke what you earn
Game of cones
Your weed don't burn
Game of cones
You need to learn
Game of cones

In my kingdom, smoke cone
long established tradition
by king decision
all the citizens get stoned
infinite wisdom
perfume of freedom
mix of chem and bubblegum
I got the green thumb symptom
Stendhal syndrom
travellin, flyin like a drone
Pay your tithes with trichomes
on my throne, i drink Don
Don, Don Perignon
Yolandee, c'est trop bon
Yeah, yeah, je suis mignon
Standing two meters tall
impressive, dominion
every puff you drag
I win your recognition
beware the crap in here
is under prohibition
If you wanna roll one
don't ask me for permission
Kingdom kong
section farming, Cheech and Chong
entertaining, beef and songs
for medicine, big spliffs and bongs
authorize the hemp and papaver
you could eat spacecake
smokin spliffs for recreation

enter the city
Like a king
Ham from Bayonne
too much Purps
Purple vision
And If I get a girl, I choose Sharon
cos she's stoned
In my domain,champagne
cognac and wine red
ain't afraid of no strains
Enter the clambake
Hotboxing, smog and fog
in my stomach spacecake
THC fly me to Mars
Enter the spacebake
In my campaign,farm strain
Kush X A train
St Emilion vine stock
Don Per champagne
I got queen, favorites, jesters
and courtisanes
hail to the pothead king
I m the sovereign
Wait for your turn
when you play the game of cones
smoke what your earn
when you play the game of cones
your weeds don't burn
when you play the game of cones
you need to learn
if you play the game of cones
Track Name: Hotboxing
Let it smoke
it's time for super intox
ication with the pot
call it hotbox
you start when you're young
television Cheech and Chong
Choose your place (hotboxing)
Room, autobus or palace
Monaco, coup de grace
Roll up, Roll up the grass
Many perfumes like a glace
roll up, roll up the grass
and you know since bad Milo
I don't smoke shit ass
the room gettin foggy
asleep are the dobbies
smoke like Nagasaki
Hotboxing, yes I got the
Pothead king,
G o double S I P
feelin bad and dazy
When I Puff GT hazy
more i smoke, more I’m lazy
In auto mobile like Eazy

Too many spliffs
we finish the reef(er)
madness movie, sorry
ain't fed up of the kief
Face to the ground
they say the air is fresher
I m thinking that they lie
cos I m not feelin better
Throat is dry, red are eyes
and the teeth gettin browner
but I m prefer to leave the place
later but sooner
Kush X diesel
Pot breeding
Gossipy hail
to the Jason King
Look at my eyes
ain't Apache
smokey signal
Track Name: Are you serious ?
Time to get serious
it's Serious shit
Bring that shit fool
fully loaded

AK 47 

The gun, the plant
AK forty seven
the smoker's holy heaven
with strong smell and smoke
one hit wonder , choke
take care with odor control
when you grew it up
Just put 2 grams in a blunt
2 tokes in your lungs
mix it with a cup of syrrup, potheads
and you get dumb
one of the best to tense
it's obvious
you don't like violence ?
Are you serious ?
Go back to childhood
when you were a fool
bubblegum got the taste
of the high school
I love the sweet smell
euphoric high
smile on my face
I vote Bubblegum for life
No weed
get me so freak
forget my problems
like if I am in your bitch
One of the best to puff
you don't like high school bubblegum
are you serious ?

Why you rollA with the schwag ?
Are you serious ?
You don't grow, you don't smoke
Are you serious ?
Why you roll and you don't smoke
Are you serious ?
Cos the seeds are serious

Chronic, everyday
easy rhyme, anyway
anytime of the day
agree with Dr Dre
Big central bud
with few side branch
nuggs got the best apparence
and a subtile fragrance
Grow 10 plats
get 2 pounds
smoke this all day
sell few amounts
one of the best to kick
it's obvious
You don't like chronic ?
Are you serious ?
Kali, Kali
for you special lyrics
love your sati genetics
so psychedelic
air angelic
your spicy scent
makes you the queen of the plant
gal like you for the monthly cramps
I kill for a chunk
spend my all cash
without a doubt
connaisseur stash
One of the best to please
it's obvious
you don't like royalty ?
Are you serious ?

Favorite cocktail
of the big Lebowski
one of the favorite
strain of mister Gossi P
very powerful
long lasting high
cerebral as I like
its crystals just shine
Mostly indica
you know I like That aroma
and I like the way it fights
against my glaucoma
One of the best for male
it's obvious
you don't like cocktail ?
are you serious ?
Track Name: Philly Shave (Bonus track)
Before I start the story
you need to know
My blunt costs at least
30 Euros
If you got Phillies
remove the tobacco
but I prefer a natural leaf
for sure
Switch on the stereo
it's time to begin
screwed n chopped
Crunk or reggae riddim
let me talk about
my fav medecine
a blunt fully loaded
with some weed in

When I m smokin
on a blunt
I get high, I get baked
cos this i strong
Philly, Philly, Philly, Philly
Philly shave,yeah
Philly shave it in the night
Philly shave it in the day

Choose a clean table
prepare your material
blunts always royal
three grams, it's barely legal
the big leaf of tobacco
cognac and honey dipped
I don't give a fuck
about paper, it's too cheap
Grab your grinder
and a pair of scissors
then place the weed
glu it with honey
applied like a student
on this shit
we use more saliva
than pussy lickin